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There are many sports that interest a good many people and this shows through the popularity it gains over the years. Tennis is one such sport that gets people up off the couch and participating. Luckily, it isn’t a costly sport to get involved in as all one needs is the minimal equipment. But, it’s important to learn how to choose the right tennis rackets.

For instance, children and mature individuals should opt for those lighter weight rackets that allow for a faster swing and an easier hold. Skilled individuals have the opportunity to choose according to their likes, although most such players opt for those that are heavier because they come with more stability and control.

Handle length is also an important factor. They are the ideal solution for the height challenged players as they can reach further. The taller individual may also opt for one solely for the purpose of achieving greater power behind each swing.

With regards to handle length, the rules allow for up to 32 inches, but the standard length is about 27 inches. Also, pay attention to the brand, the balance and grip, among other features as they will all affect your game.

Although this popular sport has been around for hundreds of years, it was only about 4 centuries later that the racket was introduced to it. Before, it was played with only the hands. The original version was made of wood, but technology changed that, bring aluminum, steel, graphite, titanium and other materials to provide for better swings, more power and lighter weight.

These changes began to occur in the mid 60s and have proven over and again to have benefited the game a lot. One improvement extended the size of the head to about double the original. Players are for this because of the larger sweet spot and other rewards this granted them.

If you need more advice on buying your first Tennis Rackets then speak to someone at your local Tennis Shop.

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