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Tennis rackets have been used for many years. Originally the games that require this equipment were played using one’s hand rather than any form of a club. Eventually however, the equipment that is today referred to as a racket was created using a wooden frame and strips of gut to create a net.

Between the year of their first appearance and the end of the wooden racket era, very few changes were made. While the process for creating the frame was improved, the strings were essentially the same. In the end, this created a heavy club that was relatively small compared to those used today.

Because the clubs were heavy and had a much smaller head, the players used a rather dead style ball which did not bounce like the modern balls used today. However by the point in time when the racket was improved, the game was generally played over a net.

While the strings have undergone changes from the gut to the nylon currently used, there appears to be no actual historical record of when this change was made. The body however was improved by using aluminum rather than wood which lightened the weight dramatically.

Various types of materials have been used for the production of the heads. Graphite become a popular material for use as it was proven to be much stronger than aluminum. Aluminum was a good material however hard hits tend to cause bends in the shape which created unpredictable results for the shot.

The shape, size and materials of the racket has changed dramatically since it was first used. While the club head was smaller in the beginning, it was determined that a larger sized head used today would create a more powerful and stronger racket as we see today.

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